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Saturday, 30 June 2018

Experience the Trending Florist in Malaysia : A Better Florist

ummul azkee

Experience the Trending Florist in Malaysia : A Better Florist 

A Better Florist is a relatively new and innovative florist in Malaysia, that has quickly stood out as the best florist in Malaysia. As every business has several aspects to take into consideration, customers have cast their vote, and they have made a decision that A Better Florist, as an experienced and trending florist is the ultimate Malaysia flower delivery in every possible sense.

A Better Florist is a team of professional and seasoned florists that offers a curated selection of flowers, categories neatly into sections that make it easy and convenient to shop, whether you’re in the store or browsing through their online catalog. Their approach enabled the creation of a user-friendly, as well as mobile-friendly online shop, which means it’s simple and swift to shop wherever you are.

A Better Florist, given that they have a chain of flower shops, offering flowers Singapore needs and gifts in Singapore, as well as in a multitude of other locations, are one of the most affordable florists in Malaysia, and the reason is simple. They cut the middlemen out, they source their flowers locally and they cut costs wherever they can, so that they can deliver fresh florals on the daily. Quality is primary, so don’t worry about costs being cut. This is all behind the scenes, so that when you actually do scroll through their beautiful designs, you’re pleasantly surprised by the affordability of each and every choice.

In Malaysia, this florist can be located in numerous different locations, enabling a wider distribution to almost every customer who wants to shop from their store. With a florist in Ipoh, as well as a florist in Penang and a flower delivery to JB, this florist covers as many areas as possible so that they are THE florist to go to whenever you need flowers. In addition to a curated, beautiful selection of flowers, you will find a hamper selection, as well as a fruit basket collection. Their KL flower delivery highlights their baby hamper as the star gift that people go crazy for, as well as their get well soon hamper.

A Better Florist, the best florist in Kuala Lumpur, tries to give everyone what they need, from flowers to hampers, and if you happen to want something that they have not curated yet, you can reach out and ask for it. You still get to utilise their same day flower delivery, as long as you order before 3pm. What’s even better, their same day flower delivery is completely free, making this florist the talk of the town, wherever they are.  

Besides several locations and a chain of flower shops in Malaysia, you can also find them as the UAE flower delivery, where testimonials refer to them as the best flower delivery to UAE, with the flower delivery Dubai has as one of the most successful ones. In addition to that, they have a Hong Kong flower delivery, which was launched right after the Singapore one, and they have proven to be the best florist in HK as well. As of recently, A Better Florist made a great leap and opened up a flower delivery Brisbane can rely on.

If anything, this is a florist that you need to try out at least once, because they are successful for a good reason. If the customers didn’t love them, they wouldn’t be expanding at the speed of light.

ummul azkee / Author & Editor

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