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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Mother's Day card from my girls..

ummul azkee

         Happy mother's Day to all mothers out there..actually my girls not know that Mother's Day was on sunday..I'm not telling them about this special day.They only know about it while watching television. Afrina was the one who ask me about Mother's Day and I'm telling her yes,today was Mother's Day.Afrina just find out in on sunday night and want to make a Mother's Day card for me but it was too late because she had school for next day and ask her to make the card yesterday after school.So,she did it yesterday and of cause her sister follow what her did..make a Mother's Day card for me.I't was a first Mother's Day card they did for me..thanks girls.Ibu like you!!

                                                    Mother's Day cards by Afrina

                                                 Mother's Day card by Adriana


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