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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Nuffnang 8th birthday,WORDS and Writing World

ummul azkee



  Happy 8th birthday to Nuffnang! I’m new in blogging and had joined Nuffnang last year. My friend,who was blogger introduced me to join Nuffnang and tolds me about making money with blogging .Without knowing  anything, I started with reading others blogger how does Nuffnang works  and started to writing. Nuffnang had given a lot of opportunities to many bloggers out there to make side income with writing .I thinks it was so good to know that with writing we can makes money, just  like a book writers which is not many people interested or maybe they don’t know how.

    As I’m pursuing my dream to become a children book’s writer , blogging was a right platform to improve my writing, sharing my  life as women who passion about writing with others and get opinion about what I do. And it is impossible maybe  someday you,blogger out there will interested to become a books writer, just like I want too. Believe it or not, maybe someday your blogger writing will published as a book. If the content of your writing  are so good and then you will become rich with writing like J.K Rowling(Harry Potter book writer)

Can we? can I be like her? Sure we can, keep writing something interesting or creative story that touch people hearts or maybe something that can change their minds or life to positivity .There is magic beyond words. keep writing and never stop dreaming. There are people improving their writing from blog writer to book writer. So, we can too.

Do choose two awesome acts ,making money and change worlds with your kinds words.

And to Nuffnang thanks for makes some people life even more better with writing.

ummul azkee / Author & Editor

"A self motivated women with hundreds of challenge. Its all about how to get strength to face the challenge of life and to make dream come true. Arts is the way I motivate myself to be a strong women, remind me to stay positive in all challenge that will come in my life.Learning about realities of life that might comes and never give up."



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