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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

MANUSCRIPT submissions : International Year Of Soils 2015 (IYS)

ummul azkee


   Last month I noticed that Oyez!book had announced their  are calling for submissions of relevant manuscripts for children. Actually Oyez!book had announced it starting from  January to end of march 2015 , and I only  noticed about it last month. The theme of the manuscript  for submissions was soil related which is applicable with UN declaration of the year 2015 as the international year of soil(IYS).IYS objective is to raising awareness of important of soils and Oyez!book as a publisher of children’s book open this soils theme submission of cause is to reveal children about how important soils for human and every creature on this world like trees or animals and even for foods that we need in our daily life.

  I did wrote manuscript about a trees since last year and had send it to other publisher but was decline because the story was not to good. So I took this opportunities to edited my manuscript from time to time and send to Oyez!book and there were manuscripts that been accepted by Oyez!book for this theme and been announced last Monday and my manuscript had been decline once again. I did change my manuscript to make it interested for children but maybe its was not my luck.Of cause I a bit disappointed with this news  but I thinks maybe my story not related with this theme.However,I will never give up!I think this story was good for kids. I will never stop try ,I will to send it to another publisher for submissions and make sure my story will publish one day. Maybe someday. Pray for me, so that you all can read my story about trees and read it for your kids, nephew or niece.

 click this link International year of soil 2015 to know more about world soil dayand here About UN

To know more about children’s book world and Oyez!book click do click Oyez!Bookstore

                                                              and  this is for me.....

ummul azkee / Author & Editor

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