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Monday, 20 April 2015

Jom Kurus 1 Malaysia(JK1M) with Kevin Zahri

ummul azkee

    Who had heard about JK1M?(JK1M)Jom Kurus 1 Malaysia is a 6 weeks lost weight challenge  that being recommended by kevin Zahri. Did  you know Kevin Zahri?He well know as Cikgu fitness Malaysia .He is one of the most success full health and fitness experts in Malaysia with over 10 years experiences.He is coaching a fitness program for Malaysian and the latest news this programme will be held in Singapore,Brunei and Indonesia.


    I think this JK1M program is interesting because it has so much benefit and specialties if we join it. This programme  recommended by region with many fitness activities like boot camp,aerobic,futsal and gym exercises.So you will not be bored in this programme with same activities.Besides,the not more than 50 participants in every region and that will no so crowded in this programme.You can also have chance to join fitness seminar for free and obtained a lifetime ebook and membership kevin zahri video expertise for free.You will also can find new friends and join many additional activities such as badminton match,futsal,dodgeball, JomFit and many more.And with this 6 weeks challenge programm the will be a winner for Rm 5000.It worthwhile,So many excess if you join  it,you can lose weight and win a money too.I'm thinking to join it someday.So,Jom Kurus..hihhihihi.
   For more information about tihs programme or to register go to this website also can have many tips how to lose weight,and many exercises for flat tummy,beautiful legs,healthy diets and so on from this website.

ummul azkee / Author & Editor

"A self motivated women with hundreds of challenge. Its all about how to get strength to face the challenge of life and to make dream come true. Arts is the way I motivate myself to be a strong women, remind me to stay positive in all challenge that will come in my life.Learning about realities of life that might comes and never give up."


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