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Saturday, 18 April 2015

First thing I do if my kids had a fever.

ummul azkee

    Yesterday,I noticed that Adriana had a fever and cough too.She was not active like everyday.Her body was hot,all that she does was lying on the bed.Actually Adriana had a strong antibody,she  hardly get sicks even thought me,my hubby or her sister,Afrina had a fever or flu. Disappointingly she's not to strong enough for now ,huhuhu..
     Adriana was a thin little girl who really love to play.She and her sister, Afrina was totally different.She can play all day long by herself.Her favorites was painting,puzzles and pretend to be like a Chef,cooking everything with her cooking set and always ask me to play with her."Ibu,what do you want to eat?"asked her...cute.

 I love seeing her play with all her toys and thing rather than she watching television all day long but when She was lax of playing,sometimes she don't even want to eat.That was the problem and she was a food picky too.So,I Thinks that was the problem why she not feeling well and weak
 Today I just want to share a  few first thing I do if my kids had a fever.I'm not giving them medicine directly when they had a fever unless the body temperature was so high.So,there is few first thing I do when noticed my kids had a fever.

 - always alert with her body temperature,

- make sure her take a bath frequently to reduce her body temperature

-give her honey drinks,drinks plenty of water important to make sure body not dehydrate.because  most children don't want to drink plain water when they get sicks.Honey is sweet,kids love something sweet beside its good for body and as medicine substituted

-hot chicken soup.soup can  stimulating the appetite and make body sweat which good for people who had fever.

- give a Vitamin C.Its good for antibody

  and if the fever getting worse and my kids look so weak I will take her to the doctor for better examination.


ummul azkee / Author & Editor

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