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Friday, 1 May 2015

Dinner Date at TGI Fridays with hubby?

ummul azkee

          Since I'm being a mother of two girl for few years ago,my hubby and I never had a change to go dating,and we are more more far away from dinner date.Blerghhh...Sometimes I feel I want me and my hubby to be as before we had a children,outing together as romantic couple,watching movie at cinema with just two of us or have a dinner date. wahhh..wonderfull daydream..hahaha..

         Actually,It's not impossible for us to do that kind of thing(dating),as my girls had grew up,Afrina is 6 and Adriana is 4 this year.I think they can be independent to manage themselves. Hm...maybe someday I will ask my sisters to look after them for a while,in the near future I thinks.heehehe...bye..bye girl.its your ibu and babah quality time..romantic mood!hahaha..

      I had reading so much review about TGI Friday from other blogs and I thinks its good offer for me and my hubby who love foods(since before we get married we both always outing as food hunter).I never been eaten at TGI Friday,so I decided to find out and go to the website and the meal was meet my tastes.I love western food.The had a very affordable promotion meal for two with just RM 45.90++ Dont you thinks its a good offer.See..the food look so yummy!

    STEP 1 : You had to pick one appetizer

                   There are 4 meal for you to choose,pick one only

    STEP 2 : Pick two mains for you and your pair 

                  There are 10 meals to choose,pick 2 meal

   STEP 3 : Add RM10 for  1 dessert (sundae) to share 

Very interesting,right?especially for romantic peacefully with just you and your love sharing food together..erkkk..daydream the way I had already told my hubby about this TGI Friday meal for two..and he say yes!yeahhh..insyallah I will go for a dinner date with my hubby again..



ummul azkee / Author & Editor

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  1. erm... just now ada tanya kat my blog kan, HALAL ke tidak ... actually tak sure la Halal ke tidak menunya. Biasa nampak TGIF ni ada serve liquor. Tapi cara penyediaan menu memang tak pernah tengok la



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