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Friday, 20 March 2015

Beware what you share!Klik dengan bijak!

ummul azkee

           Nowadays,with one click we can get information easily through internet nad not just get information but shopping too.Iternet is the faster ways for us to get any information we want,or buy something.Every one can surfing the internet everywhere using mobile phone or smartphone.I thinks most people in this world have a mobile phone or smartphone with internet plan and application throught phone that be prepared by telecommunication companies.The internet in fingertips really gave so many benefits ,without waiting so long to on the computer,looking for cyber cafe (for people who don't have internet or computer at home) or go shopping at malls,it really save time and money but its also harm for us if we don't using it wisely.
        There are so many scams that we heard in internet,therefore MCMC (MALAYSIAN COMMUNICATION AND MULTIMEDIA COMMISION) launced a campaign to initiating Public Awareness on Internet Safety  Internet with "klik dengan bijak" ("click wisely") to educate about safety,security and responsibility on internet.To get information about "klik dengan bijak" you can go to about being a good internet using and how to keep you safe from scams.

ummul azkee / Author & Editor

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