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Sunday, 22 March 2015

"Increase your blog followers segment"/Segmen mari tingkatkan follower blog

ummul azkee

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Friday, 20 March 2015

Beware what you share!Klik dengan bijak!

ummul azkee

           Nowadays,with one click we can get information easily through internet nad not just get information but shopping too.Iternet is the faster ways for us to get any information we want,or buy something.Every one can surfing the internet everywhere using mobile phone or smartphone.I thinks most people in this world have a mobile phone or smartphone with internet plan and application throught phone that be prepared by telecommunication companies.The internet in fingertips really gave so many benefits ,without waiting so long to on the computer,looking for cyber cafe (for people who don't have internet or computer at home) or go shopping at malls,it really save time and money but its also harm for us if we don't using it wisely.
        There are so many scams that we heard in internet,therefore MCMC (MALAYSIAN COMMUNICATION AND MULTIMEDIA COMMISION) launced a campaign to initiating Public Awareness on Internet Safety  Internet with "klik dengan bijak" ("click wisely") to educate about safety,security and responsibility on internet.To get information about "klik dengan bijak" you can go to about being a good internet using and how to keep you safe from scams.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Happy Women's Day 2015 let's Make it Happen!

ummul azkee

  Happy Women's Day to all ladies all over the worlds,a mother,sister,a wives and even a granny. On 8th march,every year there will be a International Women's celebration Day,before this I never care about celebrating a Women's Day.I don't know why,maybe I'm too focusing  in my family matter,but this year I realize that celebrating Women's are need to all women to make them fill full of spirit to success in every kinds of thing they do or dreams.
   All women has a rights to achieve something that they want,no matter what title or status they are.They can do it in many ways with family and friends support.Anything is possible.For this year the theme for Women's Day is 'Let's Make It Happen.'This theme really means for me,and I thinks all women will feel the same.It was like giving a strength to me to stay strong and works hard for what I dream.
  Nowadays,there are so many successful women in world and also in Malaysia that inspired other women to success.I  believe that every women had their idol or inspiration person to make them confident that they also can success.As for me,women that inspired is Dr zeti Akhtar Aziz,Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia and Prof.Dr Muhaya ,a doctor,motivator also businesswomen.There are the most amazing women in Malaysia that inspired me.I respect the confident level,achievement and also their serenity.Not to forget their also a mother,a wives and also a grandmother but still success in their own field.I hope I can  be like them one day.

Prof . Dr Muhaya

Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz

  We all are beautiful in our own way.Stay strong,beautiful and success in whatever you do!Without women life would be uncompleted.We all had a dream and Let's Make It Happen!

Friday, 6 March 2015

Arts of Photography

ummul azkee

   I love Photography . Besides painting or drawing, photography for me is another arts that everyone can do. Nowadays, with  a camera or phone we can capture anything we like. There is a lots of different and unique things around us. As for me nature was very interesting subject to capture, there is something unique about nature that I can’t describe with words. It’s very beautiful in my eyes and I thinks I see nature differently from others. Actually I did not have a specific knowledge about photography and when capturing something I often believe in my eyes that the thing I saw was beautiful and unique to capture. I thinks there is three ways we should do before capturing something,  first things is the subject, secondly the composition and the third one was lighting. I believe that the subject that I choose was very unique with interesting composition. I always capture everything I love  using  my smartphone, Blackberry Torch. It’s really easy for me as mother of two child ,and the photos quality was not so bad. There is some of my own photo that I took with my blackberry, for real,ok! you won't believe it but hope you all like it!

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