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Friday, 20 June 2014

my first ilustration for children's book

ummul azkee

         This year was a busy year ever  for me. I decided to take a challenge to be a writer,and illustrator for children's book.There is a lots thing I need to learn on how making a good children's book.,especially the content of the book.Making children's book is not easy as I thought.From attending a workshop,searching an examples of picture books in bookstores and find a information about making a good book for children's.Finding Idea,techniques for illustration,rules and regulations and so many thing.
        A few  month ago,my mentor " Pak yusof gajah had taught me a lots of thing about making a picture book and gave us two assignment to submit.My first assignment was about shapes,and the second was depends on us.Both assignment we need to make 8 pages for shapes and 16 pages for another one.This month I quite busy with another book project.This project was offered by 'KARANGKRAF" a large published book company in Malaysia.This book project will  be market for primary school and I hope my manuscript is good for children's book and can be accept.Pray for me!!..and wish me luck..

thanks for reading...and here a some of my first ilustration for children's book..enjoy it!

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