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Friday, 11 April 2014

my BEAUTIFUL inspiration

ummul azkee

   INSPIRATION???hmm...I thinks everyone had their own inspiration in life. I admit Inspiration  makes me feel full of  spirits to catch my dream. Inspiration  really impressive  when sometimes something not going smooth like I want and I feel want to give up. At that time inspiration makes me strong and keep me focus in my dream . I know many people will experienced this situation, this what I  call 'CHALLENGE'. Fuhhhh... Challenge? Of  cause with god wills and my inspiration, I can face anything!!Yes, I CAN!!!! insyaallah.
   Actually I had  many inspiration in my life. Its comes from different people, with different background. I read lots  journey of others life, its always about life and passion. As for better living and to give the best for my family, my kids was my inspiration to doing anything I can for them without  forgetting my arts dream. This year will be my challenging  year for me to pursue all my dream in one single scope. I will share my dream plan in the next entry. So, keep reading.. Thank you.
               Meet my BEAUTIFUL inspiration...
 two girl that always make my day with laugh and smile...


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