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Thursday, 6 March 2014

a career name 'HOUSEWIFE'

ummul azkee

   "Housewife of arts"???people who reads my blog might thinks why I named this title for my blog..why??maybe you will said "what a boring title blog..housewife??boring person...
    As readers know I am housewife and nowadays, not many people thinks a housewife is a good title .In my experience,some of a career women who works out there thinks we are 'nothing' cause we are home women..and they been asked me " you had a Diploma,why don't you go for works..such a waste if you stay at home"..and so on..bla..bla..bla..
    I had my own reason why I choose to be housewife..Being housewife is not a bad as you thinks.We doing many thing at home,for me is a career too.Doing everything for my family makes me happy.My family is everthings for me.I also want to enjoying my motherhood experience.I don't want to miss any moments with my hubby and childs. I want to seeing my chids grow up,teach them about everthing in life and be the first to know their intelligent.
   One more thing people may about our own income..don't we need our own money?and mybe some of you might thinks,as a wife don't we need to help our hubby to get more money or income for the family.Simple answer with that question..with internet,social media that you being using everday in our life you can make money with one click..even you are a housewife.:) At last but not least whatever job you do,be positive.As long as it make you happy don't stop doing it even people said bad things about it.thanks for reading..see ya!

ummul azkee / Author & Editor

"A self motivated women with hundreds of challenge. Its all about how to get strength to face the challenge of life and to make dream come true. Arts is the way I motivate myself to be a strong women, remind me to stay positive in all challenge that will come in my life.Learning about realities of life that might comes and never give up."


  1. Housewife is a great work indeed. From taking care of your kids to housekeeping, they are very specialized and good at it. And probably the best cook ever. Hehe



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