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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

childhood ambition

ummul azkee

  Being an artist is my ambition since I was a child. My passion in drawing and painting start before I attend a preschool. Till now I still can memorize my childhood memory, not too much but a little bit that can make me smile sometimes..;) HEHEHE..A thing that I will not forgot is when I drawn on my mother desk. At that time she was angry and babbling to me, and now I'm babbling with my two girl for the same reason. huhuhu..
  When I was in primary school my passion still in arts. I still love to drawing, painting but not too good and not too observed with those things, maybe because I was focusing on my academic subject like english, maths, bahasa, science. However, I still enjoying my arts classes and every time when I received a question paper for art examination,I'm the one who really excited to read in and can wait to started drawing and finished my painting.
 One things that I remember when I was in primary school,my teacher gave me a report card and asking me and my classmate to write down our three ambition as an optional. All students needs to do it, and from standard 1 until I'm in secondary school my first list for ambition still an Artist. Honestly, I don't know how I will make money with arts that time, how to selling my art but still Its was still my truly dream and ambition. My feeling and passion was so strong in art, that even my parents can stop me for make it come true. There is so many thing I want to share about my art journey and I will write about when I'm starting focusing my dream ambition.
  That's all for now and there is one poem that I received from my friend as a birthday present few years. The words means a lot to me and I want to share it with readers...enjoy reading it..!!!:)

                Believe in yourself, and remember that anything is possible
Believe in what makes you feel good
  and what makes you feel happy,
Believe in the dreams
you've always wanted
    to come true,
and give them every chance to.
If you are willing to take the
opportunities you are given
and utilize the abilities
   you have,
you will constantly fill
your life with special moments
 and unforgettable times.
No one knows the mysteries
  of life
or its ultimate meaning,
but for those who are willing
to believe in their dreams
  and in themselves,
life is a precious gift
          in which anything
                    is possible.
                                                            ~Dena DiJaconi

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

pray for MH370

ummul azkee

   Last Saturday morning (07March2014) people around the world,especially Malaysians had shocked about a missing aircraft( MH370-MALAYSIA AIRLINES) from Malaysia to Beijing.A night before the incident, my hubby had just came back from his outstation at Sabah for 3 days.(We live in Petaling Jaya,selangor).When I heard about the news on television, I was really shocked and thankful that my hubby had arrived home. If not I might be so worry about his flight journey. Even a night before he fly to Sabah,I had worried about his safety in the flight. I had a worse feeling about aircraft. Its so scary to imagine if there is something happen to the plane. I also had a bad feeling when my parent, sister and only brother had a long flight journey to New Zealand for last few years. I never stop praying until their safety arrived to the destination.
  As readers know,MH370 had missing for 4days since 07march2014.Its missing!!I'm speechless and feel really sad about this even my family or relative was not in that flight. I' could imagine if I in their family situation. Watching them in television with shocking expression faces, crying and sad make my heart brake. I really hope that we will find the aircraft.As a human being I'm sympathize with the family of MH370 passangers and crews ,until now I still and keep praying for MH370.I hope the readers never stop praying for MH370.Together we pray for them.
    For MH370,We waiting for you, please come back immediately, your family's is waiting for you.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

a career name 'HOUSEWIFE'

ummul azkee

   "Housewife of arts"???people who reads my blog might thinks why I named this title for my blog..why??maybe you will said "what a boring title blog..housewife??boring person...
    As readers know I am housewife and nowadays, not many people thinks a housewife is a good title .In my experience,some of a career women who works out there thinks we are 'nothing' cause we are home women..and they been asked me " you had a Diploma,why don't you go for works..such a waste if you stay at home"..and so on..bla..bla..bla..
    I had my own reason why I choose to be housewife..Being housewife is not a bad as you thinks.We doing many thing at home,for me is a career too.Doing everything for my family makes me happy.My family is everthings for me.I also want to enjoying my motherhood experience.I don't want to miss any moments with my hubby and childs. I want to seeing my chids grow up,teach them about everthing in life and be the first to know their intelligent.
   One more thing people may about our own income..don't we need our own money?and mybe some of you might thinks,as a wife don't we need to help our hubby to get more money or income for the family.Simple answer with that question..with internet,social media that you being using everday in our life you can make money with one click..even you are a housewife.:) At last but not least whatever job you do,be positive.As long as it make you happy don't stop doing it even people said bad things about it.thanks for reading..see ya!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


ummul azkee


Housewife,Fine Artist, Ilustrator.

33,married with two daughter.

Live in Petaling Jaya Selangor, Malaysia.


   A mother of two girls who madly in love with arts and craft, Photography and a Nature Lover. Passion in arts since she was a child. She's graduated from Mara University of Technology (Uitm )in Diploma in Fine Arts.  

  Fulltime mom and independent Artist who works from home. In 2014, she start to interested in children's book ilustration and had ilustrated one children's book in (Projek100buku) by
Karangkraf and also had join Malaysia coloured pencil exhibition in 2014..


" I'm blogging about my life's story as wife,mother and a person who really love arts ,crafts and writing  if you want to know more about me,do follow my blog and get to know me...."



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