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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

sweet memories on mothers day

ummul azkee

  Yesterday,11th May 2014 was a Mother's day. Since it was Sunday , I'm sure a children's who still had a mother celebrates with their mom. Its such a lovely celebration day to appreciated our mom who had sacrifice anything for us.
   When a mother's day come every year, I will remember a very sweet memories of mine on that special day. It happen on 2009,when everyone who busy plan and celebrating a mothers day to appreciated their mom with a cake or a special moments.
   At that day I was gave birth to my first baby girl 'AFRINA'. Its was such a happy moments and its was like everyone was celebrating me as a new mother. hehehe.. Her birth time was at night, around 10pm.After experienced a birth of my first baby suddenly I realize that being mother is not easy. The hardness in pregnancy and pains of give birth not like I Imagined. Its makes me more appreciated my
mom.So, for people out there who still has mother please appreciated them, makes them happy because its not easy to be mom. They will do anything for us, the best in everything to makes we happy and to be a good peoples.
  And yesterday we a celebrating Afrina 5th birthday with just a birthday cakes at night. Before that my mom and dad came to my house just to gave a present for her. She was so happy. When she saw a cakes that my hubby bought that night she said"this is best birthday ever" even its just a simple celebration with only me, my hubby and her sister, Adriana. Afrina was a lovely child for me.Hope she success in life and always helping people when she's grow up. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND LOVE YOU ALWAYS,AFRINA...


Friday, 11 April 2014

my BEAUTIFUL inspiration

ummul azkee

   INSPIRATION???hmm...I thinks everyone had their own inspiration in life. I admit Inspiration  makes me feel full of  spirits to catch my dream. Inspiration  really impressive  when sometimes something not going smooth like I want and I feel want to give up. At that time inspiration makes me strong and keep me focus in my dream . I know many people will experienced this situation, this what I  call 'CHALLENGE'. Fuhhhh... Challenge? Of  cause with god wills and my inspiration, I can face anything!!Yes, I CAN!!!! insyaallah.
   Actually I had  many inspiration in my life. Its comes from different people, with different background. I read lots  journey of others life, its always about life and passion. As for better living and to give the best for my family, my kids was my inspiration to doing anything I can for them without  forgetting my arts dream. This year will be my challenging  year for me to pursue all my dream in one single scope. I will share my dream plan in the next entry. So, keep reading.. Thank you.
               Meet my BEAUTIFUL inspiration...
 two girl that always make my day with laugh and smile...


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

pray for MH370

ummul azkee

   Last Saturday morning (07March2014) people around the world,especially Malaysians had shocked about a missing aircraft( MH370-MALAYSIA AIRLINES) from Malaysia to Beijing.A night before the incident, my hubby had just came back from his outstation at Sabah for 3 days.(We live in Petaling Jaya,selangor).When I heard about the news on television, I was really shocked and thankful that my hubby had arrived home. If not I might be so worry about his flight journey. Even a night before he fly to Sabah,I had worried about his safety in the flight. I had a worse feeling about aircraft. Its so scary to imagine if there is something happen to the plane. I also had a bad feeling when my parent, sister and only brother had a long flight journey to New Zealand for last few years. I never stop praying until their safety arrived to the destination.
  As readers know,MH370 had missing for 4days since 07march2014.Its missing!!I'm speechless and feel really sad about this even my family or relative was not in that flight. I' could imagine if I in their family situation. Watching them in television with shocking expression faces, crying and sad make my heart brake. I really hope that we will find the aircraft.As a human being I'm sympathize with the family of MH370 passangers and crews ,until now I still and keep praying for MH370.I hope the readers never stop praying for MH370.Together we pray for them.
    For MH370,We waiting for you, please come back immediately, your family's is waiting for you.

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